Courses, taster sessions and Parties.

2016 Courses available now:-

Course 1. Wednesdays for 4 weeks from 14th September at 7pm-9:30pm

Course 2. Thursdays for 4 weeks from 15th September at 10am-12:30pm

Course 3. Thursdays for 4 weeks from 15th September at 2pm-4:30pm

Course 4. Thursdays for 4 weeks from 15th Septemberl at 7pm-9:30pm

Each course is two and a half hours per week. In the first and second week, different building techniques are taught and the students make their own items using these techniques. In the second and third week, different decoration methods are investigated and then the students glaze their work. Extra activities are available in the fourth week so that no time is wasted for the early finishers. 

These photographs are of students work who came last month on a course. It was their first time and they all produced lovely items. Some work is made by coiling, other pieces by slabs of clay and a couple came for a two hour taster session and produced the thrown tableware as shown top right.

I have a large selection of colourful 'brush-on' and also 'dipping' glazes for Stoneware clay and so we mainly use this clay on the courses. I do have other clay available for use by special request.

Taster sessions available are:-

A two hour 'hands on' session  can cover all the different making techniques. It could alternatively be enough time to experiment on the potter's wheel or learn some different decoration methods. It's your choice.

Because it is a 'Taster' course, none of the work made is fired in the kiln afterwards.  If after completing the two hour session you would like your work to be fired, ready for glazing, you just need to book onto a Two hour 'Taster' course on decoration methods, where you will get the chance to decorate your work and have it fired a second time.


Party Time - Birthday or Hen Party Events available now. 

The Studio is large enough to accommodate a party of upto 12 people.

We have had a Birthday Party here, where Ten ladies created the large vessel below out of Crank clay. They each did their own little bit which was then joined to all the other pieces to form the large vessel. After drying out, two ladies returned to glaze the vessel. The Birthday Lady was very pleased with her new pot which now stands on her land and will always reminds her of her great friends.

Similarly, Nine ladies came for a 'Hen-Do' and each made two items, one for themselves and one for the Bride to Be.

It is amazing how creative we all are, some without knowing, apparently! 

Below and on the left are images of work made by students in the last 6 months. All the students were new to working with clay and yet each went away with some lovely work. These images show a cross section of completed work, some slab built, some made by coils of clay, others were thrown on the wheel and also we have some thumb pots and press moulded bowls. The students choose their own glazes from the large selection of brush on and dipped glazes at the Studio.

It is important that if you have spent time making a vessel, you ought to be able to decorate it with wonderful glazes.